Parents as Partners: Family Responsibility at ICS

Being a parent at International Community School calls for a greater commitment, dedication, and investment than at many other schools. We believe this produces more effective education.

Responsibilities of ICS Parents As Partners

One primary distinctive characteristic of International Community School is that families are fully engaged in each child’s education by design. This foundational involvement ensures not only greater potential for success in academics, but it also encourages relationships among families, promotes shared responsibility for the success of the school, and facilitates our unity as a community.

ICS parents are required to agree to the following commitments upon their child’s enrollment:

A Commitment to Family Engagement

A foundational philosophy of ICS is that the efficacy of a child’s education is directly related to the level of engagement by parents in their child’s moral, spiritual, and academic training. Families understand their responsibility to create a culture of learning in their homes that encourages spiritual pursuit, moral maturity and academic interest, and deepens the relationship between parents and children that results in strong families and responsible citizens.

The Completion of a Gateway Parenting Course

Parents have one semester from the date of enrollment to be enrolled in an approved, values-based Christian parenting course. Contact the Registrar for the names of currently approved courses.

A Commitment to Ongoing Family Education

Each family is required to achieve a minimum of five Family Education Units (FEUs) per year to continue enrollment in International Community School

Regular Participation on Campus

Parents of students are required to serve on campus on a regular basis. You will sign up on a schedule with other parents in your grade level and will be given the opportunity to serve in the classroom, the lunchroom, or the administrative offices depending on the needs of your child’s class. Parents serve an average of 2-3 times per child per semester.

Attendance at Community Meetings

Held regularly throughout the year, these meetings are an important gathering of all staff, faculty, and parents. A corporate session offers a time of worship and updates on school information, and grade-level breakout sessions with your class keep you in touch with teachers and other parents. Check the school calendar for meeting dates.

Financial Responsibilities of ICS Parents