Financial Responsibilities

Financial Responsibilities of ICS Parents

All parents are required to sign a Financial Agreement for each school year. Financial Obligations include, but are not limited to:


Tuition payments may be made on a one-time, semester, or monthly basis. Monthly payments require an enrollment in an automatic tuition management program. Tuition commitment is for the entire year.


Regular fees may include registration, classroom supply fees, athletic fees, and lunch program costs (if selected).


Parents are responsible for the purchase of all curriculum. You will receive a textbook list along with a list of contacts for purchasing supplies.


ICS has a uniform dress code that requires the purchase of monogrammed shirts and outerwear and coordinating pants, shorts or skirts.

Fundraising support

The very nature of ICS requires that a majority of participants are one-income families, with one parent choosing to be at home to facilitate the home education portion of the program. In order to keep tuition levels affordable for these families and still deliver excellence in education, fundraising is a vital part of our fiscal responsibility. Parents are required to help with fundraising events during the school year.