Enrollment FAQ


We offer classes for grades Prekindergarten-4 through 12th. However new enrollment is only open to students through 11th Grade. We do not accept new students in 12th grade.

Yes, but our students are only on campus two to three days a week and follow teacher assigned, parent directed lesson plans on Mondays and Wednesdays.

No, our program choices are either full academic classes with home instruction or Private School Covering.

Yes, we offer several choices at the high school level.

The Academic Team has chosen from several different publishers to create what we feel works best for our accelerated program. For more information, please contact the registrar at 407-645-2343 ext. 1109.

Most graduates get into the school of their choice, however most attend Florida colleges and universities to use their Bright Futures Scholarships. We have had many students attend the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Auburn University, the University of Alabama, etc.

While paying full time tuition your 11th through 12th grade student can enroll in one to two classes per semester. Your student may enroll at one of the colleges we have an articulation agreement with. Those institutions are the University of Central Florida, Seminole State College, Valencia College, Daytona State College, and Lake Sumter State College.


No, only one parent needs to attend the Informational Meeting. The only events that both parents must attend are the family interview and the required parenting course.

No, however, please contact the Registrar at 407-645-2343 ext. 1109 for more information.

No, International Community School is not certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to issue a Form I-20 to international students seeking an education using a F-1 visa.


All registration fees are non-refundable or transferable. Tuition is non-refundable after the withdrawal deadline.

Payments are processed via the FACTS tuition program and can be made annually, per semester, or monthly. All families are required to sign up for a FACTS account.

Annual payments are due at the end of July. Semester payments are due the end of July and January.

We are unable to accept any outside scholarships; however, we do have a scholarship fund available for established families in need. This funding comes from the benevolence of families in the school. Funds are not guaranteed year to year.


If your child is in PK – 5th grade, you will need to take either Growing Kids God’s Way or Shepherding A Child’s Heart. These are 12-15 week parenting courses and you need to have completed or at least be enrolled in one of them within the first semester at ICS. If your child is in 6th – 12th grade, you are required to read and answer 8-10 questions per chapter from one of two parenting books. The choices are Reaching the Heart of Your Teen or Age of Opportunity. This needs to be completed within the first semester at ICS. After completing these requirements, please let the Family Education Department know so that we can record it in our files.

You are required to earn 5 FEUs per school year. Each hour of instruction equals one FEU. You may take FEUs outside of the school, but they will need to be approved for credit by the Registrar. FEUs can also be earned during Parent Orientation week in August.


No, PSC is only available for students in kindergarten through 8th grade who have a sibling registered in the Academic Program, or who are on a waiting list to enter the ICS Academic Program.

No, that decision is up to you as the parent/teacher(s). You can use the ICS academic curriculum or choose curriculum that you feel is the best choice for your children and family. Your lesson plans should be your own, but must be approved by the PSC Director. You are the one developing the lessons specifically for your home school. The academic lesson plans are available to you online to use as a framework but are designed for the academic program, not for a full-time home school. Curriculum counseling is available for all PSC families through the PSC Director.

Yes, PSC students are encouraged to participate in the age appropriate athletic programs at ICS. In addition to athletic participation, the students are eligible to participate in the E-Zone program (K-3rd grades only), and PSC families are highly encouraged to participate in school-wide events. PSC students are required to participate in Field Day and fundraising events. The PSC program also holds field trips and activities throughout the year.


No, the fee structure for E-Zone includes two options. Students who come for the entire day pay the entire tuition amount, and those who choose not to go to the RDV have a tuition discount.

E-Zone is only available to those families who are a part of ICS, either in the PK through 8th grade academic program or in K through 3rd Grade Private School Covering.


Please contact the Athletic Director for more information.

At this time, we are offering the following sports.

Archery (Boys & Girls) 6th– 12th grades

Basketball (Boys & Girls) Pre K – 12th grades

Beach Volleyball (Girls) 7th-12th  grades

Cross Country (Boys & Girls) 6th – 12th grades

Golf (Boys & Girls) 9th – 12th grades

Soccer (Boys & Girls) K – 12th grades

Track & Field (Boys & Girls) K – 12th grades

Volleyball (Girls) 4th – 12th grades


The majority of funds raised go to the operational budget for the school. When there is a surplus, the money is utilized where needed.