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Do both parents need to attend the Informational Meeting?

No, only one parent needs to attend the Informational Meeting. The only events that both parents must attend are the family interview and the required parenting course.


Can students be enrolled after the school year begins?

Yes, but only during the first two weeks of the second semester for entrance into the academic classroom. (PK – 8th grade students may also be added at the beginning of the second quarter.)





What are the courses I can take to fulfill my parenting class requirement and how long do I have to complete it?

If your child is in PK – 5th grade, you will need to take either “Growing Kids God’s Way” or Shepherding A Child’s Heart. These are 15-18 week parenting courses and you need to have completed or at least be enrolled in one of them within the first semester at ICS. If your child is in 6th – 12th grade, you are required to read and answer questions about one of two parenting books. The choices are “Reaching the Heart of Your Teen” or Age of Opportunity. This needs to be completed within the first semester at ICS. After completing these requirements, please let the Family Education Department know so that we can record it in our files.


How many Family Education Units (FEUs) am I required to earn each year?

You are required to earn 5 FEUs per school year. Each hour of instruction equals one FEU. You may take FEUs outside of the school, but they will need to be approved for credit by the Family Education Director.





What are my payment options?

Payments can be made annually, per semester, or monthly via the FACTS program. Please refer to the ICS Financial Agreement for further details.


When are Annual and Semester payments due?

Annual payments are due at the end of July. Semester payments are due the end of July and January.


Will we receive a receipt for our taxes for donations to ICS?

Yes, receipts are distributed in January.





What do my fundraising dollars go to at the school?

The majority of funds raised go to the operational budget for the school. When there is a surplus, the money is utilized where needed.


What fundraisers are offered this year?

The fundraisers for this school year are:

  • Fall – Coupon Cards & Mixed Bags
  • Winter – Cookie Dough & Wrapping Paper & Toilet Paper
  • Spring – Auction





Do I have to follow the ICS academic curriculum and lesson plans when I am a part of Private School Covering?

No, that decision is up to you as the parent/teacher(s). You can use the ICS academic curriculum or choose curriculum that you feel is the best choice for your children and family. Your lesson plans should be your own. You are the one developing the lessons specifically for your home school. The academic lesson plans are available to you online to use as a framework but are designed for the academic program, not for a full-time home school. Curriculum counseling is available for all PSC families through the PSC Director.


Can PSC students participate in athletics at ICS? What other activities are provided for PSC students?

Yes, PSC students are encouraged to participate in the age appropriate athletic programs at ICS. In addition to participation in athletics, the students are eligible to participate in the E-Zone program, and PSC families are highly encouraged to participate in school-wide events. PSC students are required to participate in Field Day and fundraising events. The PSC program also holds field trips and activities throughout the year.





Can I choose to only come for a couple of classes on Fridays?

No, the fee structure for E-Zone includes two options. Students who come for the entire day pay the entire tuition amount, and those who choose not to go to the RDV have a tuition discount for that.


Do I have to be a part of your school to participate in E-Zone?

E-Zone is only available to those families who are a part of ICS, either in the academic program or in Private School Covering.





How do I sign up my student to participate in athletics?

Sign-ups for sports are handled in various ways depending on grade level. Those sports in the elementary grades are played through ACYS (Association of Christian Youth Sports) and on-line registration and payment is utilized. Middle School and High School sports registrations occur via email notification and registration from the Athletic Department Office. Other forms of notification are utilized including announcements at Community Meetings and flyers in student files.


What sports does ICS currently offer?

At this time for this school year, we are offering the following sports:



  • Soccer (Boys & Girls) PK – 6th grades
  • Cross Country  (Boys & Girls) 6th – 12th grades
  • Volleyball (Girls) 5th – 12th grades
  • Soccer (Girls) 9th – 12th grades
  • Football (Boys) 9th – 12th grades



  • Basketball Elementary (Boys & Girls) K – 6th grades
  • Basketball Middle School (Boys & Girls) 7th – 8th grades
  • Basketball High School (Boys & Girls) 9th – 12th grades
  • Flag Football (Boys & Girls) 1st – 6th grades



  • Soccer (Boys & Girls) PK – 6th grades
  • Archery (Boys & Girls) 7th- 12th grades
  • Lacrosse (Boys) 9th – 12th grades
  • Track (Boys & Girls) 6th – 12th grades (dependent upon interest)