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E-Zone Classes



A.I.M.S. is the acronym for “Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science.” The class will provide hands-on activities that integrate mathematics, science, technology, and other disciplines.


American Girls

This is a walk through American history as seen through the eyes of girls who lived during the different time periods. Each era studied will include arts and crafts, cooking, and other period-related activities.



Students in 2nd and 3rd grade will begin exploring a variety of mediums. Various projects as well as crafts that you will love to display at home will be completed in class.


Backyard Science

Students will have fun exploring our world through hands-on experiments and activities.


The Bridge

The Bridge is designed to transition students from an elementary mindset to the ownership required to successfully navigate high school. The Bridge will combine the 7th and 8th grade curricula, high standards, and the experiential learning of E-Zone.


Creative Construction

Students will learn how to build and construct a variety of different projects, ranging from household items to the more industrial. This course will involve basic architecture design construction.



From acting to improv, costumes to set design, writing to memorizing scripts, on stage to behind the scenes, this class will experience it all. This course is all about fun, where students learn to move, think, and act in the world of performing arts.


Fine Arts

Art enthusiasts will love this project-oriented fine arts class. Students will delight in creating projects using the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, mosaic, mural art and much more. With an emphasis on learning by doing, students will come home with many fine art pieces which can be framed and/or displayed.


Junior Bridge

Students will engage with their academic teachers for additional time to achieve the 6th grade goals and objectives.



Classes will include basic instruction in singing and fundamental use of musical instruments. Students will perform at the end of each semester.


Needle Crafts

Students will learn the basics of knitting, crocheting, and embroidery and will create items using these techniques. Some basic hand sewing will also be taught.


Passport Around the World

Grab your passport and join the journey to discover the people and countries of the world. Exotic trips will take students to all seven continents. They will explore these lands through geography, arts and crafts, cooking, and cultural celebrations.


Personal Fitness

Students will learn how to make healthy choices to incorporate into their lifestyle. Classes will consist of time spent learning about health, nutrition,fitness, and exercise. In addition, they will participate in active play through recreational games.



This class teaches basic camera knowledge, as well as how to use the camera appropriately and creatively. Classes will include framing shots, shooting from interesting angles, capturing shadows, texture, and movement. Students will learn about creating deceiving sizes, adding colors, organizing fun group shots, taking interesting portraits, photographer’s role, and more.


Simple Machines I & II & III

Students will be allowed opportunities to explore mechanical and structural engineering through the use of simple machines. The Lego Dacta kits will be used in these classes.



Learn another language! Students will learn basic vocabulary and conversational Spanish through a variety of activities including games, songs,and role-play.


Vocal Music

The chief goal for this class is to equip students with the knowledge and skills, as well as to foster a love and enjoyment, for using their God-given musical gifts in church and elsewhere in praise of our Lord! Included will be: working with pitch and rhythm; note values, rhythmic notation, intervals, scales, and keys; proper technique for singing, sometimes in other languages; and playing rhythm instruments. Music selected will stimulate the students’ interest and enhance their skills in playing and singing in various musical styles.


World Cuisine

Travel around the world for a wonderful year full of culinary exploits. Students will create dishes that originated in foreign lands. Their days will be spent cooking and tasting the fruit of their labors. Because cooking and eating are social activities, time will be spent focusing on etiquette and manners in eating as well as serving.




RDV Sports



This class will be taught by RDV instructors. It will focus on fundamentals of the game.



Girls will have fun learning how to jump, dance, and cheer for their school, learning to unite as a squad and display teamwork.
*There will be an additional charge for uniforms.



Classes will be taught by certified gymnastics instructors at Legacy Gymnastics Center in Maitland. Activities will include stretching, toning, tumbling, and floor-balance beams with an emphasis on strength and coordination skills.


Ice Skating

Taught by RDV instructors, this class provides group instruction on the fundamentals of this sport.



Basketball, dodgeball, walleyball, and other court games will be taught.


Sports Performance
This class is designed to improve speed, strength and agility, develop endurance, and boost confidence through signature speed and weight training methods.



Classes will be taught by certified instructors. Each class will be grouped according to ability and will have 5 – 6 swimmers.



Classes will be taught by certified instructors with an emphasis on basic fundamentals.