About ICS


International Community School is a learning environment unlike any other.


Our model combines the most current educational research and practices into one unique school built on the three pillars of faith, family and scholarship.



FAITH » International Community School has a distinctive worldview.


International Community School is Christian. Our faith guides our beliefs and practices as an educational community and unites us through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Because we first come together around a desire to follow Him, we have the only true and lasting hope for a unity that transcends cultural, denominational and geographical boundaries and helps us live out our mission and vision. We believe that no knowledge is incompatible with Christian belief and that moral training is necessary to help learning find its ultimate fulfillment in service.



FAMILY » International Community School has a distinctive structure.


Believing parents to be the primary source of spiritual and moral training for their children, International Community School is designed from the ground up to engage families in the educational process and to support and encourage them as they train up their child in the way he should go. Leading edge innovation that offers true choice in education allows parents to choose from different tracks. We offer university-model classes that combine instruction both on and off campus.



SCHOLARSHIP » International Community School has a distinctive academic and global perspective.


International Community School is redefining global education to prepare exemplary students who are responsible citizens of the world. Through challenging academics, diverse enrichment opportunities and hands-on learning through work, service and experience, ICS is developing students who are prepared to respond to the ever-increasing globalization of cultural, social, economic, business and political systems with a Christian worldview. Our unique academic structure combines the best in practice and curriculum to train minds in each stage of development—from learning facts and figures to developing critical thinking and the defense of ideas. Recognizing that each student has different pathways to learning, ICS encourages diversity in classroom methods and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual that joins with us to create our community.





We are called international because we think globally in perspective and programs, both in mission and in method. In addition to academic challenges and extracurricular development, your child will benefit from a broad-based enrichment of a global worldview.


  • Faculty with international experience
  • A respect for other cultures and critical thinking needed to engage those who are different
  • Global emphasis in service-learning partnerships
  • Provide overseas mission opportunities
  • A vision for worldwide distance learning, connecting scholars through technology



International Community School is Built on Five Core Values.


FAITH: International Community Schools is distinctively Christian, building our educational, civic and moral training on the person, work and word of Jesus Christ.


FAMILY: International Community School believes that families are the primary source of training for children, developing each of its educational choices with the goal of supporting, encouraging and engaging the family in the learning process.


SCHOLARSHIP: International Community School combines the best in educational practice with a global and moral perspective, offering rigorous academics that equip both mind and heart. ICS trains not just learners, but leaders – citizens who are ready to challenge and change our world with ideas and action.


PARTNERSHIP: International Community School’s philosophy is built on the idea that the best education emerges by fostering complementary relationships in the learning process.


To accomplish this we engage with families to:


  • Support and resource them in their educational goals.
  • Encourage them in their partnership with teachers by offering ideas and creativity to enrich the classroom experience.
  • Connect with resources and locations outside the school to broaden the worldview of our students, faculty and staff.


COMMUNITY: International Community School has community at the center of our name, our structure and our heart. By bringing diverse perspectives, traditions and cultures together around the common goals of building the church, strengthening the family, developing well-trained minds through rigorous academics, fostering responsible citizenship and meeting the practical needs of the community both locally and globally, our faith becomes action, and we are challenged to become more like Christ. This is the very heart of ICS.